General Dentistry

Cleaning and Screening

Because prevention is better than cure

Teeth Cleaning at LeMoyne Dental Clinic

Even when you brush your teeth regularly and floss after every meal, tartar and plaque can build up on your teeth, along with your gums, between your teeth, and in hard-to-reach places. That's why it's so important to plan regular visits at the Lemoyne clinic. During your appointment, our dental hygienist will clean and polish your teeth thoroughly, eliminating bacteria that can cause periodontal disease. We will examine each tooth, and look carefully for cavities, weaknesses and previous restorations that would require new care.

We offer much more than just a routine dental checkup

As part of your regular checkups, Dr. Habra will also offer you oral cancer screening. This assessment is repeated at each visit and is designed to carefully examine the soft tissue inside and outside of your mouth to make sure there are no hidden problems you are not aware of. Remember: most oral cancers, if detected early, can be treated successfully.

Early prevention and diagnosis of diseases of the gums and bones is also extremely important. To reduce the risk of dental disease, we strongly encourage our patients to schedule dental exams and cleanings on average once every six months. The interval between each visit will also be based on your individual needs and the underlying condition of your teeth and gums. Dr. Habra will help you decide the best schedule for your routine dental checkups.