Dental Extractions

Discover why it's essential to have your teeth examined by a specialist like Dr. Habra

During one of your visit at Lemoyne Dental clinic, Dr. Habra may determine that a tooth extraction is necessary. Teeth are sometimes extracted because they are highly decomposed, have advanced periodontal disease or happened to be broken in a way that cannot be repaired. It is also possible that some teeth may need to be removed because they are improperly positioned in preparation for an orthodontic treatment.

Dental Extractions Lemoyne Dental Clinic

We know that a tooth extraction might represent an important decision for you. The fact that this procedure is irreversible, the fear of feeling pain and the possible stress associated with the costs might worry you. At the Lemoyne Dental Clinic, our team will take the time to listen to you and understand your expectations and meet your needs.

A single tooth could change your dental health and your life forever

The absence of a single tooth can ultimately lead to problems with your chewing ability, your jaw, and your other teeth. These consequences can have a major impact on your dental and general health. To avoid all these future complications, Dr. Habra will discuss the alternatives to extraction as well as the options available to replace extracted teeth. It is our pleasure to take the time to explain the various treatment plans we offer and to answer any questions you might have.