Dental Care At Home

Because a bright smile always starts at home

Dental Care at Home - Brush your teeth

Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of good oral hygiene: white teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums. Truth be told, nothing compares to that feeling of cleanliness and well-being you have when leaving the Lemoyne clinique after a cleaning appointment. Although you should come to see us twice a year, it is between these visits that the responsibility of keeping a healthy smile is yours. Regular visits with our dental hygienist and Dr. Habra cannot replace the daily care you have to invest in your smile.

We are here to help you

We have several tips and tricks that you can use at home. These range from simple daily routines (such as using the right toothbrush) to changes that promote a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking. Taken together during your lifetime, these practices can help you improve and maintain your oral health and make the most of it: a beautiful smile and a healthy body.

We know you want to keep your smile at its best between visits and we will be happy to teach you the best techniques to take care of your teeth at home. Feel free to chat with a member of our staff to learn the different ways you can keep your smile and gums healthy between visits at the Lemoyne Dental Clinic.