Teeth Whitening

Our passion: your smile!

Teeth whitening can be a very effective option to reduce or eliminate stains on your natural teeth, selectively lighten a tooth or rejuvenate your entire smile. However, choosing from the variety of products and procedures available to help improve the appearance of your smile can become a difficult task. There are indeed many different approaches to teeth whitening:

  • Teeth whitening at home with gutters
  • Teeth whitening at the dentist
  • The use of various over-the-counter whitening products

We invite you to discuss with Dr. Habra and our dental hygienist, Mms. Robert, the different options available to whiten your teeth and the risks, benefits and costs associated with each of these techniques.

At home or at the office, we can rejuvenate your smile

Teeth Whitening in Brossard with Dr. Habra

For patients considering a home treatment, Dr. Habra will first clean your teeth and then perform a thorough dental exam to find underlying cavities or defective restorations. Dr. Habra will then determine the exact cause of the discoloration, a very important step since the duration of your whitening treatment will depend on it.

Home whitening treatments usually come in the form of clear gels and are placed in a transparent plastic gutter made by Dr. Habra. This mouthguard is always tailor-made for your teeth and cut under the gum line to be as comfortable as possible. The active ingredient in this particular tooth whitening system is usually carbamide peroxide, which is designed to stay on the teeth, get absorbed quickly, and eventually transform into oxygen to remove stains and discolorations.

Once back home, you will be able to wear your plastic gutter with a small amount of the gel and go about your daily activities. The average duration of home treatments varies between two to six weeks, however, teeth stained by nicotine or certain medications may require treatment for two to six months.

Dr. Habra will teach you how to properly fill the gutter and how long to use it to achieve the results you desire.