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November 9, 2018
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How to Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Prevention in Kids

Although tooth decay in kids is quite common, it is a childhood medical condition that can easily be prevented. Tooth decay is the deterioration of the outer surface of a tooth due to bacteria, poor dental hygiene, and a sugary diet. Let’s take a look at different ways for you to prevent your kids from suffering from tooth decay.

Regular Visits to the Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dental homes specialize in providing kids with the best possible dental health solutions. These dental homes are kid-friendly and children like these visits. Do some research to find a dental home that can provide your children with dental check-ups from the age of one.

Visiting the dentist at least twice per year is one of the most effective ways to keep tooth decay at bay. They will help your kids establish a dental care routine while taking active steps to prevent any cavities.

Daily Routine

Teach your kids how they should brush their teeth and for how long. If they realize the importance of a daily cleaning routine, it will be habit-forming to them and their risk of tooth decay will decline. If your baby doesn’t have teeth, clean their mouth and gums with a damp cloth. This allows for healthy milk teeth growth.

Avoid Sugar

A high intake of juice or sugary drinks can increase the risk of childhood tooth decay. Bacteria that wears out tooth enamel feeds on sugar. This precautionary measure goes for children of all ages. Your baby may not have teeth yet, but sugar in their bottles can cause a number of oral problems.

Sugar is not only detrimental to your kids’ teeth, but a high intake of sugar and starch can cause other health problems as well. If they are used to sugar, dilute their cooldrinks or bottle contents with water to reduce the harmful effects.

Limit Starch

Starchy foods tend to get stuck in small openings between and around your kids’ teeth. Similar to sugary drinks, these food particles serve as a source of sugar to enamel-attacking bacteria. Teach your kids to floss after every meal so that they can get rid of these particles. Also, make sure that they drink enough water after meals to wash pieces that are stuck between the teeth away.

Increase Dairy

Since worn-out enamel is the essence of tooth decay, it is important to make sure that your children’s enamel is strong enough to withstand the bacteria in their mouths. Dairy products like milk neutralize the damaging acids that are produced by the bacteria. Dairy also contains casein, a substance that protects and strengthens enamel.


There is a lot that you can do to prevent your kids from developing tooth decay. Many of the of the precautionary measures come down to habit. Daily brushing and flossing are key to ensure oral health. Regular trips to the dentist will also ensure that cavities are detected before it results in tooth decay. A dentist will also give your child’s mouth a thorough cleaning, which ensures optimal oral health.

Dr. Habra, DMD
Dr. Habra, DMD
Le Dr Habra est un dentiste généraliste ayant obtenu son doctorat en chirurgie dentaire à l'Université de Montréal en 2006 et membre de l’ACDQ, l’ODQ, et de l’AGD. En tant que propriétaire de la clinique dentaire Lemoyne, Dr. Habra est très fier d'offrir des services dentaires de premier ordre à ses patients et à la communauté de la rive sud.