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Digital Dental Radiology at LeMoyne Dental Clinic

Sometimes, problem areas are formed in places we can not easily see such as between teeth and under the gums. Dr. Habra will use x-rays to identify these hard to reach areas and inspect every single one of your teeth in order to immediately catch and treat problems that could go unnoticed.

The Lemoyne Dental Clinic uses a modern digital radiography system that presents several benefits to our patients: radiation exposure is a fraction of traditional dental x-rays, we can view the image directly on our computer screens, adjust the image to focus on the details, and we can even share images over the internet with specialists who collaborate with our clinic.

Catching problems before they become one

Nous recommandons à nos patients de prendre des radiographies au moins une fois à chaque 18 mois tout en ajustant ces intervalles en fonction de leurs besoins spécifiques. Ceci permet de détecter les problèmes dès leur apparition avant qu’ils ne deviennent plus sérieux.

We recommend to our patients to take an x-ray at least once every 18 months while adjusting these intervals according to their specific needs. This allows us to detect problems as soon as they appear, well before they become more serious.

Dental x-rays represent an invaluable aid in the detection, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of good dental health as it helps dentists recover valuable diagnostic information. Dr. Habra will speak with you about the best moment for x-rays and how to guarantee you keep your smile bright and your mouth healthy.