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November 9, 2018
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Prevention – The First Step in Teeth Restoration

Tooth Decay Prevention | Dental LeMoyne

There is a wide range of teeth and oral problems that can make your life difficult. The good news is that you can prevent almost all of these conditions. The bulk of precautionary dental action relies on habit. Let’s take an extensive look at how you can prevent tooth decay and other oral and dental conditions.

The Basics

Despite the fact that you may have a busy and demanding lifestyle, it is critical that you should take the time to brush your teeth at least twice per day. You also have to floss your teeth before going to bed and, if you can, after a starchy meal.

These habits are not only your first line of defense against oral conditions, but it will also prevent related health problems and ensure that your breath is always fresh. Living with conditions such as halitosis can have far-reaching consequences for your professional and personal life.

Healthy Diet

Your nutritional intake plays a significant role when it comes to your dental health, especially tooth decay. Sugar and starch fuel the bacteria that attacks your teeth’s enamel with acid. Eliminating sugars from your diet will not only be good for your teeth, but it can also help prevent weight loss and type 2 Diabetes.

Adding dairy to your diet can neutralize the acids that bacteria produce. Products like cheese and milk contain nutrients that strengthen your teeth’s enamel and prevents cavities from forming. Additionally, by drinking enough water, you wash away food particles that can cause halitosis. Sufficient water intake also aids in saliva production, which is good for your oral hygiene.


Trauma to your teeth or things like cracks or chips can cause a tooth pulp to become inflamed. The only way to treat an infected pulp is with root canal treatment. You can also prevent this from happening by wearing a mouthguard whenever you play risky sports. There are many high-quality mouthguards available that take the shape of your byte.

A good mouthguard can also prevent your teeth from getting knocked out. In such a case, you may need a bridge or implants. Such a procedure can take months to complete. It may also be quite expensive. When you lose a tooth, you may also not be able to eat certain foods. Prevent this at all costs by wearing a mouthguard under risky circumstances.

Dental Visits

Scheduling regular visits to your dentist should form part of your oral care routine – just like brushing and flossing. Make sure that you see your dentist at least once every 6 months. Your dentist will take care of any cavities to prevent them from developing into tooth decay. They will also give your mouth a thorough cleaning to get rid of plaque and other bacteria that can cause halitosis.

Stop Smoking

There are many reasons to give up the use of tobacco products. Smoking can be a direct cause of oral conditions such as halitosis and tooth decay. Smoking less can prevent these and other health conditions.

Dr. Habra, DMD
Dr. Habra, DMD
Le Dr Habra est un dentiste généraliste ayant obtenu son doctorat en chirurgie dentaire à l'Université de Montréal en 2006 et membre de l’ACDQ, l’ODQ, et de l’AGD. En tant que propriétaire de la clinique dentaire Lemoyne, Dr. Habra est très fier d'offrir des services dentaires de premier ordre à ses patients et à la communauté de la rive sud.