Tooth Replacement

A missing tooth can change your whole smile

Replacing your missing teeth is very important since it impacts both your oral health and your confidence. How you feel about yourself and how you see your smile can affect many aspects of your life, including your social and professional interactions. If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted or you have already lost one, Dr. Habra will be happy to discuss all of the options available and make specific recommendations based on your personal needs.

During your appointment with Dr. Habra, you will likely discuss the following points:

  • Aesthetic
  • Function
  • Comfort
  • Longevity

You deserve to feel good

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants at LeMoyne Dental Clinic‎

After explaining in details your personalized treatment plan Dr. Habra will proceed to the intervention, which usually lasts about an hour. In order to minimize any pain or discomfort during the installation of your dental implant, Dr. Habra will perform the procedure under local anesthesia. A mild sedative may also be given if necessary. Following the procedure, since the gums will be swollen, it is possible your newly installed implant creates a slight discomfort. To help you go back to your daily routine as fast as possible, we recommend that you take the prescribed painkillers for the duration suggested by Dr. Habra. Soon after the intervention, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to make sure your implant heals properly and that you are back to your daily routine.

Smoking, diabetes and previous radiation therapy reduce the success rate of implant placement. X-rays of your jaw will, therefore, be taken to confirm they can receive implants and to determine if further tests or procedures could be needed to properly fit the implant into place.

If you have a non-restorable or missing tooth, do not hesitate to talk to Dr. Habra. Contact us today for more information on dental implant placement.